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It’s That Time Again: Bonnaroooo

It’s time to head back to the farm! I’m obviously super excited about this year’s lineup. I finally get a chance to see some of the smaller bands I’ve fallen in love with over the past year and I get to see that band I kind of like for the 16th time! If you’re going and still aren’t sure who to see, check up my schedule below and head over to Knoxville Music Warehouse to learn about some pretty awesome bands.


5:30-6:30 Houndmouth New Music on Tap Lounge

7:30-8:30 HAIM That Tent

9:00-10:00 Django Django That Tent

10:00-11:00 Japandriods This Tent

11:30-12:30 Alt-J This Tent

1:00-2:00 The Vaccines This Tent


12:15-1:15 Sea Wolf This Tent

2:30-3:30 Local Natives What Stage

3:30-4:45 Of Monsters and Men Which Stage

5:30-6:45 Grizzly Bear Which Stage

7:00-8:30 Jim James This Tent

9:00-11:30 Paul McCartney What Stage

11:30-12:45 The XX Which Stage

1:00-2:00 RZA Superjam That Tent

2:00-4:00 Animal Collective This Tent


All day Mumford pit line on the left side of What Stage (here’s to hoping that I don’t get punched again like I did in 2011)

9:30-11:30 Mumford & Sons What Stage

12:00-2:00 Jim James Superjam This Tent

Mumford party at my tent until the sun comes up!


2:30-3:30 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis What Stage

4:30-5:30 Kendrick Lamar What Stage

6:00-7:15 Tame Impala Other Tent

7:15-8:45 Ed Helms Superjam That Tent

9:00-11:00 Tom Petty What Stage

11:00-Bonnaroo 2014 (or maybe until Gentlemen of the Road) Crying in my Cheerios


Music Monday: Best of 2012

No matter what the music snobs of the world tell you, 2012 was a heck of a lot more than poptarts, boring music, and neatly packaged crap. I mean, sure, there were a lot of letdowns. You’ll notice that some of my favorites like The xx, Two Door Cinema Club, The Vaccines, and, very sadly, The Avett Brothers didn’t make the cut. But, even those bands put out some amazing music this year. But with the influx of some many amazing new bands and the flash flood of top notch albums these last few months, I’d say this has been one of my favorite years for music! Click on an album’s name to go straight to Spotify to give it a listen, check out my favorite track from each right here, and go buy all the music when you’re done!

10. Father John Misty Fear Fun

I mean, it’s Father John Misty.

9.  Alt-J An Awesome Wave

For those of you who know who Alt-J (∆) is you might be thinking “what the what?” as you look through the rest of this list. ∆ sounds nothing like most of the stuff I listen to and that’s why I love them so much! Who would’ve thought that I’d fall in love with a band with a high pitched lead male vocalist?

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Songs to Explore to

It’s been FOREVER since I’ve updated. However, since I’ve been dealing with finals, going to Chile, and moving to ATL I have some pretty good excuses! Hopefully I’ll have time over the weekend to update you all about the many things going on in my life right now. To hold you over, here’s a sample of the songs I listened to while I explored to infinite abyss of Chile.


Music Monday: Songs for Cold Days

A few songs to listen to while wasting the day snuggled under the covers because it’s way too cold to get out of bed! Features music by The Avett BrothersTwo Door Cinema ClubDawes, and more!

Also, congrats to Adele, Bon Iver and Kanye on the Grammy wins! I was so happy to see actual artists walk away with something. I think I would’ve lost my faith in the industry if Skrillex, Nicki or Katy Perry had snatched any of the awards. I’m still a bit mad about the Foo Fighters winning. Bands that are Clooney’ed (nominated just because their them) shouldn’t win awards. I wish it had gone to someone fresh and exciting like The Decemberists or Mumford.